Week 18

February 8

Kacie Kinzer. Tweenbot. 2009.

Sketch review

We will start off today by looking at your initial Project 4: Links sketches—breaking up into smaller groups, as we do. Please find and sit with your group when you get to class, to speed this up—each group at a table:

Present your work to each other, like before—using Slack to share your Are.na and Figma links. You will have about 40 minutes with just your group, and each group will have about 10 minutes with us.

Show your classmates your channel and discuss its theme, then take them through your design directions and hear their feedback. When we get to your group, you should all be engaged in lively discussion! We will have several minutes with each of you, as we move through the tables.

We’ll give ourselves until about 10:15ish.

We will take our 10 minutes or so here, when we are done reviewing everyone’s sketches.

Lets meet JavaScript

We’re going to spend the whole latter half of the class getting acquainted with JS:

For next week

Session recording