Typography and Interaction

Fall 2022Spring 2023

The New School, Parsons, MPS CD
PMCD 5001, CRN 4253 / 9023
PMCD 5002, CRN 3992 / 9589
2 W 13th, Room 1201
Wednesdays, 911:40 AM

Michael Fehrenbach

Eric Li

Typography and Interaction is a year-long, two-semester course in the MPS Communication Design program at Parsons / The New School. The class will provide a rigorous foundation of typographic and interaction principles in the context of digital design. (We hope.)

We’ll be using this course site for our agendas, lectures, general class housekeeping, and anything else that comes up. It will be updated throughout the semester, so always check here first if you are looking for something.