Week 26

April 12

Andy Warhol. Campbell’s Soup Can (Tomato). c. 1962.

Reading discussion

Today we’ll begin by discussing Toby Shorin’s essay, Life After Lifestyle:

We’re going to start like we did last time—first discussing your response/reaction with your classmates at your table. We’ll have 10–15 minutes for this, then pick up as the whole group.

We also want to say that this essay might be more… divisive than previous ones. It’s okay to disagree or feel strongly about it, or with each other—but we want our classroom to be a safe, empathetic space.

We’ll probably take our break here, after the reading discussion.

About your presentations

Before we catch up on your projects, we wanted to look ahead to their presentations:

Code topping out

And then we’ll check in again on them, going over your progress since last week. Show us your code! Demonstrate the functionality, which should be mostly complete this week. We will be going around to each (slightly shuffled) group—same deal as before:

For next week

Session recording