Week 30

May 10

Apple, Inc., Steve Jobs, Jerry Manock. Macintosh 128K Home Computer. 1983.

Reading discussion

We’ll start with Alex Murrell’s essay, The Age of Average:

We’ll warm up again by first discussing your responses/reactions with your table. We’ll have 10–15 minutes for this, then will pick up together.

Guest presentations

And then we’ll hear from our two guests:

Amanda Pinsker is an independent product and experience designer. She grew up on Long Island, went to Northeastern, in Boston, and most recently worked as a Senior Product Designer for GitHub. (On your fav, GitHub Desktop!) Amanda also teaches here at Parsons.

Piper Haywood is a design-adjacent web developer. She is from California, went to Colby College, in Maine, and then Central Saint Martins, in London. After a decade of working independently for cultural organizations, Piper is now the Engineering Manager at SuperHi.

We’ll probably take our break between the presentations.


We’ll close out today (and this semester, and year) with an open question-and-answer panel discussion! Ask us anything; nothing is off-limits.

For next week One last thing

That’s all, folks! Thank you for your time and attention over this year. We’ve been happy to have you, are proud of your work, and wish you all the best of luck going forward. Cheers.

Session recording