Week 29

May 3

Hilla and Bernd Becher. Coal Tipple, Goodspring, Pennsylvania. 1975.

Functions presentations, continued

Today we will finish your final project presentations. Here’s the remainder of our lineup:

  1. Mariia
  2. Sarah
  3. Madhura
  4. Lucine
  5. Amaya
  6. Sandra
  7. Fahila
  8. Tanvi

    We’ll take a 10-minute break here, halfway-ish through.

  9. Keren
  10. Vasu
  11. Azra
  12. Dusha
  13. Andre
  14. Ina
  15. Kinjal

We’ll use the class Zoom meeting, as before.

For next week

Amanda Pinsker is an independent product and experience designer. She grew up on Long Island, went to Northeastern, in Boston, and most recently worked as a Senior Product Designer for GitHub. (On your fav, GitHub Desktop!) Amanda also teaches here at Parsons.

Piper Haywood is a design-adjacent web developer. She is from California, went to Colby College, in Maine, and then Central Saint Martins, in London. After a decade of working independently for cultural organizations, Piper is now the Engineering Manager at SuperHi.

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