Week 21

March 1

Hilla and Bernd Becher. Industrial Façades. 1978–92.

We’ll be spending our whole class today on your fourth project presentations.

Again, the format: each student will have about 5 minutes to present their work. In this time, introduce us to your channel and your interface concept, and then show us your final site. Be sure to demonstrate its responsiveness, interactivity, and states thoroughly. You can also explain your challenges and what you’d improve on with additional time or experience. Each presentation will be followed by a few minutes of feedback and critique from your classmates and from us.

Per our community agreement (and courtesy), the presenting student “has the floor.” Everyone else should close their laptops and turn off their phones—and nobody should come-and-go from the room during a presentation. (Disruptions will count against the offender.)

We will still take a 10-minute break, sometime midway through the presentations.

We will both be reviewing the other group’s projects outside of class—and your score will then be an average across both instructors. So make sure your links work! You’ll get individual feedback from us both, as well.

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