Week 8

October 19

Sol LeWitt. Untitled page of sketches. No date.

Pair-programming review

We’ll start off by looking at your Project 2: Spread progress. Break into smaller groups again with your people and disperse around the room (these are shuffled from last week):

Present your project to your group, as is custom. Each group will have about 30 minutes among themselves, and then around 15 minutes with one of us (your instructors), with 5 minutes per project/pair. You know the drill!

This week, you should be presenting/sharing from your live, in-progress pages. Let’s try using Slack huddles for this—when you find each other, start a direct message group with everyone and then screen-share in the huddle/room… “thing.” Have these up, with everyone in them, before we get to your group. Again, we want to see everyone’s work!

Let’s try and wrap this up around 10, again.

We’ll take our break here again, after we’ve made it around to all the groups.


Building on our knowledge of flexbox, we’ll take a look its spiritual continuation in grid:

Lets try it out

Let’s pick up from our demo last week—but now using grid instead of flex:

For next week

Session recording