Week 19

February 15

Sara Cwynar. Man and Space (Books 2). 2013.

Sketch/code review

We are going to start today off again with Project 4: Links reviews—looking both at your revised/continued sketching and your initial coding. We’ll break up into (new) per-table groups:

Present your work to each other, as is custom. Use Slack’s huddles to share your screen, so you can present your Sketches and in-progress code. You will again have about 40 minutes with just your group, and each group will have about 10 minutes with us.

We want to emphasize (again) that this should be productive time going through your project with your peers. We expect everyone to be following along with each other’s work, not off in their own (or something else).

Let’s see if we can actually get around to everyone by 10:15ish.

We will take our 10 minutes or so here, when we’ve made the rounds.

The Are.na API

For our “back nine” today, we’re going to be doing a demo/workshop to get us plugged into Are.na, our CMS. We’ve put together a template repository with our example code, for today:

Here is our agenda to go through it:

This repo is intended to provide you the Are.na JavaScript and show/document examples of using it. However you should not start your project from this repo—instead pull in just the code you need, referencing this work. We will know.

For next week

Session recording