Week 9

October 26

Ah, last-minute change! We’re going to be meeting on Zoom, given many COVID scares and shenanigans. We’ll otherwise stick to our agenda and format, below. Help us make this work!

Hilla and Bernd Becher. Water Towers. 1988.

Spread presentations

We’ll be spending our whole class today on your second project presentations.

  1. Keren/Chi
  2. Tanvi/Sanjana
  3. Dayna/Vidushi
  4. Shivi/Dusha/Sushanto
  5. Dhruv/Ina
  6. Caroline/Myriam
  7. Kinjal/Abhishek

    We’ll take our break here, halfway-ish through.

  8. Shanshan/Giselle
  9. Lucine/Bobby
  10. Azra/Mariia
  11. Vasu/Jocelyn
  12. Sandra/Amaya
  13. Madhura/Hamza
  14. Andre/Fahila

Reiterating the format: each project/pair will have about 5 minutes to present their work. In this time, introduce us to your reading, explain how you wanted to respond to this with your design, and then show us your page. Unpack your creative, technical, and collaborative challenges. Tell us the story.

Again, we don’t require a deck but you should use the full 5 minutes you have—without much over/under. Start with showing us your mobile layout before taking us through your desktop and print manifestations. You should be presenting your page from the live URL you have submitted, and we should hear equally from both partners. Your presentation is again part of the project.

Per our community agreement (and courtesy), the presenting student “has the floor.” Everyone else should close their laptops and turn off their phones—and nobody should come-and-go from the room during a presentation. (Disruptions will count against the offender.)

For next week

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