Week 28

April 26

Hilla and Bernd Becher. Winding Towers. 1966–97.

Functions presentations

We’ll be spending our whole class today (and next week) on your fifth, and final project presentations. Here’s the lineup for today:

  1. Dayna
  2. Myriam
  3. Giselle
  4. Sanjana
  5. Shivi
  6. Sushanto
  7. Kendall
  8. Vidushi

    We’ll take a 10-minute break here, halfway-ish through.

  9. Abhishek
  10. Jocelyn
  11. Bobby
  12. Chi
  13. Hamza
  14. Caroline
  15. Dhruv

We’ll have the podium/projector computer signed into the class Zoom meeting. When it’s your turn, head up to the podium with your laptop and join the meeting—be sure to have your video and microphone on, and then share your screen! Let’s try not to burn each other’s time on switching shenanigans.

You will have about 5–6 minutes each, followed by a few minutes of response from us and each other. We will give you a notice at 5 minutes.

Per our community agreement (and courtesy), the presenting student “has the floor.” Everyone else should close their laptops and turn off their phones—and nobody should come-and-go from the room during a presentation. (Disruptions will count against the offender.)

For next week

Session recording