Week 20

February 22

Emmett Williams. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz. 1963.

Project reviews

We’ll start again today with Project 4: Links check-ins, looking at your in-progress code. We’ll break up into new groups again: **

Use Slack’s huddles to share your screen. (We should be well into code now, not Figma.) You will again have about 40 minutes with just your group, and each group will have about 10 minutes with us.

Let’s shoot for getting through by around 10:15.

We’ll break here, when we have met with everyone.

Making it interactive

We’re going to pick up from our demo last week, using JS to enliven our interfaces.

First, we’ll fashion a lightbox/overlay:

Then we’ll filter a mixed content list:

For next week

Session recording