Week 22

March 8

Tauba Auerbach. Ugaritic Alphabet. 2006.

Course progress/check-ins

Our next class (after break) is the halfway point for this semester. Before then, we will be completing our (joint) feedback/grading for your first projects, and will share those on Canvas.

We’d also like to schedule brief, 1:1 (well, 2:1) check-ins with each of you, sometime that week. We’ll have a few minutes each to talk about how you are doing in the course—and you can let us know how you’re feeling about it, too.

To have time with both of us, and not cut into class, we’ll be doing this off-hours, on Zoom. We’ve made a sign-up sheet:

If none of these slots work for you, let us know and we can figure something out. But let’s try to make these work! There are a lot of you, and this will be tricky.

Project proposals

We’re going to spend most of today going over your proposals for Project 5: Functions. We think it is important to thoroughly refine your concepts here, in order to work well with them for the rest of the semester.

We’ll break into groups—and also will shuffle at the halfway (break) point so you get a new set of your peers. We’re going to go longer on this, so both of us can meet with each of you together, and hear what you are thinking.

You will have about 45 minutes among your group, and then about 15 minutes with us. In your 45 minutes, take turns introducing your problem and how you might try and solve it. Take notes, feedback, and suggestions from your peers. Also be sure to walk your classmates through your other ideas—it is entirely possible one of those could become your proposal. If you have extra time, use this to refine, research, and start sketching on your topic (our next project phase).

When we get to your group, give us a one-minute “elevator pitch” version of your proposal. Literally, one minute—we want to have time for a conversation about it. We’re going to focus on its scope and feasibility.

We will meet with Groups 1–4, take a break, you will shuffle, and then we’ll meet with (new-to-you) Groups 5–8. Let’s see if this works!

Here are our “first half” groups:

We’ll take our break here, when we have gone through Groups 1–4.

And now we will change up our groups for the “second half”:


Some folks have asked for example sites for this project. Since the concept (and its execution) are entirely up to you, there aren’t direct examples—but here are some sites that we feel either have the right kind of scope or certain flavor for what we are looking for:

For next week class