Week 24

March 29

Unidentified Designer. Cookie Cutters. c. 1940.

AI/ChatGPT use?

As we noted on Slack, we were pretty disappointed to see some of your last reading responses smelled of AI/ChatGPT large language model summarization. This isn’t widespread, and you know who you are—but it’s something we should talk about:

Adding state to your projects

We’re going to (properly) start today with a demo/workshop on adding some state to your projects, using forms/inputs, search/URL params, and web storage. Here’s the repo for today with our example code:

Our agenda:

We’ll break somewhere here, either during the demo or after.

Developing directions

We’re going to spend the rest of today going over your revised proposals for Project 5. You will be splitting up into (new-old) groups again, and we will be going around to each—same drill as before:

For next week

Session recording